Monday, 25 February 2013

My Shoe Collection!

Heyy guys!

Sorry I've been a abit absent recently, I went home for the weekend and forgot my camera to film videos and dwas so busy with family and friends that I didn't have time to write on here!

Heres my latest video all about my shoes! I have sooooo many! Hope you enjoy!

See you soon,

Amy xxx

Friday, 15 February 2013

e.l.f Haul/Review!

Heyy guys!

I ordered some bits from when they were having a 48% off sale a week or so ago.

I decided to try out the products for about a week before filming a haul so I could give a bit a a review on the products.

Hope you enjoy!

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See you soon!

Amy xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

TK Maxx Haul!

I filmed the TK Maxx haul i talked about in my last video!

I've done far to much shopping! I need to go get a few bit for the boyfriend for valentines day, but I broke my ankle today! I'm so clumsy! Guess I'm not leaving the house for a while!

Anyway, please comment and subscribe if you like my videos =]

I'll see you all soon!

Amy xxx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Primark Haul!

 Heyy guys!

Ive done quite a lot of shopping in Primark recently, I love that shop!

Its really good at the moment aswell, I'm really impressed and I want to go back already!

Here's everything I've bought from Primark in the past month.


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See you all soon! 

Amy xxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

First Vlog!

Just filmed my first ever vlog!

Check it out =]

Its quite weird sitting alone in my room chatting to myself, but I'm sure I'll get used to it!
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Thanks guys, see you all soon!

Amy xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Quick update!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts! Since having my teeth out all I've been doing is sitting curled up in the boyfriends bed watching YouTube videos, catching up on uni work and sleeping! I cant really do any posts which include my face at the moment due to the massive hamster cheeks and the lovely bright yellow bruise that reared its ugly head this morning!

Although, I have written a long list of posts that I'm going to do as soon as my face resembles something normal again!

Also, more exciting news! I am hopefully buying a camcorder tomorrow to do video hair/makeup tutorials, hauls and other fun things!

Exciting stuff!

See you all soon!

Amy xxx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hamster Cheeks!

Hi guys!

I had my final two wisdom teeth out yesterday!

The procedure was much quicker than the one I had two years ago, I was only in there for about an hour and a half, where it took over two hours before!

I was rather disappointed in the sedation stuff I had this time. I was looking forward to feeling out of this world and chatting about crazy stuff, but I only felt a little tipsy and could feel all the injections and stuff, blehhh.

My mum and boyfriend came with me and my boyfriend decided to take photos of me just after it had finished.

Note the stylish bib and sexy eye wear =D

I felt fine when I got home, so I sat and watched a few films (anyone remember Mousehunt? Brilliant film) and ate lots of custard and ice cream.

This is how I looked a few hours later, the swelling had begun and it was hurting quite alot!

Sleeping was awful, I was so tired but I normally sleep on my sides but as both my cheeks are really sore and tender it was pretty difficult to get comfy! Obviously managed in the end and woke up this morning with a damp pillow from dribbling all night and blood round my mouth (pleasant I know).

Any way, here's how I look today! I'm currently the subject of jokes from all my family! Cant wait to look normal again!

Don't I look fantastic?

Thanks for reading guys!

See you soon!

Amy xxx

Friday, 1 February 2013


Scary times are upon me!

I'm getting (hopefully) two wisdom teeth out tomorrow! I say hopefully two as I don't want to have to go back and get another one removed at a later date! All of mine have grown horizontally, I had the top two out a couple of years ago. It was a messy procedure.

I have a massive, horrible phobia of needles! I had to be sedated to let them give me the local anaesthetic in my gums. The teeth never emerged from my jaw bone so they have to/ have to be chiseled out! eek!

I remember the sedation being fun, my parents were in there with me and told me about the halarious things I was saying, like how I felt like like a sponge and that I'd lost my feet.

So wish me luck! I'll try to remember to take a halarious picture of my massive hamster face =D

See you soon!

Amy xxx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Tattoos!

Heyy guys!

I thought I'd do a post about my current tattoos =]

I have four tattoos at the moment, and plans for many, many more! It's true when they say you get addicted!

I got my first one when I was 19. It was a tribute tattoo, which has now become a memorial tattoo. I found out that my cat, who I had since I was six years old had Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. She was thirteen years old, me and brother picked two out of a litter of kittens, he called his Salem, I called mine Magic (we were big Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans!) She was the loveliest cat, she would actually wrap her little arms around your neck in a hug and nuzzle your neck. I was obviously upset when I found out she had cancer. I got a tattoo of her name on my foot as a tribute to her, I wanted while she was still around, I think it gives it much more meaning.

She could have been treated with weekly visits to the vet for treatment and injections. But she hated the vets and got so stresses every time we took her we decided just to let her live the rest of her days happy and content. It was even harder when I had to start uni, I had no idea how she was, I couldn't see her everyday. I phoned my mum non stop to ask how she was.

She seemed fine up until November time, when her health rapidly deteriorated. She refused to eat anything except the cream and custard from the top of a Tesco value trifle of all things! She lived off this for another month or so, but she was getting so thin and weak. She lived in a laundry basket on out kitchen work top and couldn't even jump out. She stopped cleaning herself, we had to drip water into her mouth to make sure she was hydrated. In the end, we decided to call the vet out to ask if she was in any pain. He said she wasn't, but the lymph nodes in her neck were so swollen and tumorous that she would soon suffocate, so we decided it was time to let her sleep. This was about three days before Christmas, not the happiest of times!

Ahh I'm tearing up as I write this! Sorry for the massive downer guys!

Anyway, here's a photo:

It was fairly painful. As it was my first one I didn't have anything to compare it to. The closest description I can muster is a cat scratch (ironically) There were points on the lower part of the 'g' and the pink star which made me wince, but the rest of the time I just gritted my teeth and sat through it. This took about an hour in total. I love it so much. It means so much to me.

After that tattoo I knew I had the bug. I wanted another one!

I got this one about 4 months after my first one. Our 'family' song is Let It Be by the Beatles, its the only song every person in my family knows how to play on some kind of instrument. Its one of my dads favorite songs and I grew up listening to it.

Sorry about the blurry pic, and its still red from having just had it done. It's on my left side/hip, I often forget I have it as I don't see the part of my body regularly! This didn't hurt as much as my foot, but still had some jaw clenching moments! This one also took about an hour to do.

I recently just had my latest tattoos finish. They're a pair so I'm never sure if I should count them as one or two! I love the book Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. Its so magical and mystical. I like the Disney film too, but it doesn't have a patch on the original book!

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Wendy  tells Peter she wants to give him a kiss and he holds out his hand to receive it, obviously thinking it was an object. She panics and gives him a thimble. He tells her he will giver her one in return, so she puckers up with her eyes closed waiting and peter holds and acorn out in front of her. Realizing, she threads the acorn on a chain and wears it round her neck and it later saves her life.

I really love this part, I read it over and over. I cant explain why, but I just do!

I got these tattoos inspired by it. My biggest ones yet! (Excuse the gooseybumps, it was chilly!)

They're on the backs of my legs, just above my knees. I love them so much! Can you believe the guy who did them is only an apprentice! these took about 6 hours in total over two sessions. The first was about 3hrs45mins. I was dying by the end of it! I forgot to have breakfast that day (stupid I know) and I was so drained by the end of it! The next session took about two hours and was much easier to handle!

I always use Bepanthen on my tattoos during the healing stage, I squeeze some onto my hand, rub my hands together until its warmed up and feels greasy, then carefully smooth it over the tattoo. I do this after rinsing with Sanex 0% body wash and drying by gently dabbing with a paper towel.

After they've stopped hurting and any scabbing has healed I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on them. I rub a thin layer on all my tattoos twice a day to keep them moisturised, bright and healthy!

I have big plans for a piece on my ribs/back but thats still being perfected in my head!

Thanks for reading this mammoth post! Congrats if you read all of it!

Feel free to ask me any questions about tattoos or if there are any posts you wanna see me do?

See you soon!

Amy xxx
Hello all!

Sorry Ive been absent for so long! The last 12 months have been crazy for me! I got quite ill in February and got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had a bad virus at the same time so I kept blacking out and losing my memory! Scary stuff!

Then I went skiing in March, 3rd day in I took a bad fall and snapped three ligaments in my right knee! My medial, meniscus and my ACL! I was out of action for a long time and had reconstructive surgery in August! I might make a specific post on the whole thing and how my recovery is doing.

Since then Ive started my second year of university! Im having a great time, the work load is much more intense but also much more industry specific, making it feel more 'real' if you get me.

I think I'm gonna change this blog from fashion/beauty specific and make it about my day to day life. I will still be posting a lot about clothes and make-up and hair etc as they are a massive part of my life, but I will also post about uni and the work im doing, as well as other fun things that happen!

I promise I'll try my hardest to post regularly, I really wanna get this blog off the ground!

See you all soon!

Amy xxx