Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hamster Cheeks!

Hi guys!

I had my final two wisdom teeth out yesterday!

The procedure was much quicker than the one I had two years ago, I was only in there for about an hour and a half, where it took over two hours before!

I was rather disappointed in the sedation stuff I had this time. I was looking forward to feeling out of this world and chatting about crazy stuff, but I only felt a little tipsy and could feel all the injections and stuff, blehhh.

My mum and boyfriend came with me and my boyfriend decided to take photos of me just after it had finished.

Note the stylish bib and sexy eye wear =D

I felt fine when I got home, so I sat and watched a few films (anyone remember Mousehunt? Brilliant film) and ate lots of custard and ice cream.

This is how I looked a few hours later, the swelling had begun and it was hurting quite alot!

Sleeping was awful, I was so tired but I normally sleep on my sides but as both my cheeks are really sore and tender it was pretty difficult to get comfy! Obviously managed in the end and woke up this morning with a damp pillow from dribbling all night and blood round my mouth (pleasant I know).

Any way, here's how I look today! I'm currently the subject of jokes from all my family! Cant wait to look normal again!

Don't I look fantastic?

Thanks for reading guys!

See you soon!

Amy xxx

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