Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hello all!

Sorry Ive been absent for so long! The last 12 months have been crazy for me! I got quite ill in February and got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had a bad virus at the same time so I kept blacking out and losing my memory! Scary stuff!

Then I went skiing in March, 3rd day in I took a bad fall and snapped three ligaments in my right knee! My medial, meniscus and my ACL! I was out of action for a long time and had reconstructive surgery in August! I might make a specific post on the whole thing and how my recovery is doing.

Since then Ive started my second year of university! Im having a great time, the work load is much more intense but also much more industry specific, making it feel more 'real' if you get me.

I think I'm gonna change this blog from fashion/beauty specific and make it about my day to day life. I will still be posting a lot about clothes and make-up and hair etc as they are a massive part of my life, but I will also post about uni and the work im doing, as well as other fun things that happen!

I promise I'll try my hardest to post regularly, I really wanna get this blog off the ground!

See you all soon!

Amy xxx

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