Sunday, 19 February 2012

Current Favorites!

This is a post about my favourite face products which I use in my everyday make up routine.

I will cover eyes and lips in a seperate post!

Lush 9 to 5 Orchid Oil Cleansing Lotion

I got this when I went into a Lush store looking to buy some Ultrabland, which is another cleanser I love, but the assistant pointed me to this as I said I was lazy with my skin care and just used face wipes most days to remove my make up.  You just put a blob of this on a cotton pad, sweep it over your face and remove with another. It feels like your doing a full wash, cleanse, tone, moisturise in one go.

I use this stuff every morning before applying my make-up and in the evening to remove it. It removes all traces of eye make-up without stinging my sensitive eyes and helps keep my oily forehead at bay.

It's £8.95 for 240g,  which may sound pricey, but my face wipes cost about £4 for a pack of 25 and I'd use two a day, plus eye make up remover wipes, and this stuff has lasted me since Christmas and I have about half the bottle left. So I think this works out alot cheaper in the long run.

Technic 'Prime It' Face Primer

I've recently got into using primers and my mum bought me this recently as I'd run out of my last primer.

It comes in a pump bottle which I find is cleaner and easier to use than tubes and pots. Its a slightly pearly white liquid/gel. I put two or three pumps on my fingers, rub together and smooth over my face.

 It's quite shimmery so its quite difficult to wear alone without foundation over the top, but it does smooth out and brighten my complexion. It's definetly more 'grippy' than my last primer. You can feel it getting almost stickier and drier as you smooth it over your face. It doesnt leave it sticky or dry at all, but my last primer just felt like greasy moisturiser. This definately gives me a smooth base to put my foundation on.

I got it for about £4.99 in a make up shop in town. It's a fairly small bottle but you only need a little amount so it should last quite a while!

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation


When my Mum came to visit me she treated me to some new foundation. I got 'got' by one of the Urban Decay ladies in House of Fraser for a make over. She only re-did my foundation as I wear quite heavy eye make up and she was promoting the new 'Naked' collection. 
She applied some primer and followed with this cream to powder foundation in Haze (the second lightest shade). She applied it using a stippling brush all over my face and the results were amazing, it was like my face had been airbrushed. The cream gets into ever nook and cranny and then turns to powder as it sets giving a flawless finish.

 It comes in a really pretty compact with a mirroe. It's quite sturdy so it will survive in my handbag.

Underneath the tray of foundation is a little brush, I havent used it yet as the lady said its easier and quicker to use a foundation/stippling brush, but it'll be great when I'm travelling or out and need a touch up.

It's £21 which is quite alot for me. I wouldnt have it if my lovely Mum hadnt treated me. Its quite a luxury for a poor student like me. But I think it is one of the best foundations I've had for a while and  the tiniest amount goes a long way.

E.L.F High Definition Powder

I like to set my foundation with a loose powder and find this one is really amazing.

Its a white/translucent powder, and its really, really fine, kind of like chalk dust.

It comes in quite a big pot with a powder puff in the top and a shaker style lid over the powder. I place the puff over the top, turn it upside down and find it dispenses just the right amount to cover my face.

I press the puff over my face then blend the powder in with a kabuki brush to give an even finish. It makes your skin feel a bit chalky and it takes some getting used to and it create the most amazing 'soft focus' finish in photos. I make sure I wear this on a night out so my skin looks clear and healthy in photos when it most definately should not. The particles in the powder reflect the light from the camera and makes your skin look flawless. Definetly a good thing!

It's £6 from ELF cosmetics, which its a great bargain for such and amazing product! I recommend it to everyone (even my brother stole a bit for his graduation photos after a told him about it!)

Do any of you guys use any of these products? Whats your fave face product, any recommendations?

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