Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Room

So, I thought I'd show you guys what I meant about my room, so I took a few shots.
This is my work top (I have kitchen units in my room, as i have an attic bedroom normal furniture doesnt fit)
As you can see, its absolutely covered with sparkley things. My mum tries desparately to make me tidy it, its clean for say...three days, then it turns back to this. So she's given up now.
This is make up area. I have three baskets filled with beauty, hair and face products. The stuff on the surface is what I use everyday, plus the Urban decay pallette, which is my favorite at the moment! I'll review it soon!

 This is my wardrobe, well, the one in my room. I've taken over a cupboard in my mums room aswell, with clothes I dont wear as much but dont have the heart to throw away. I know she cant wait until I have to sort it all out before I go to uni, so she can have all of her room back!

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